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MTECH was founded in 2001 as an offshoot of the group MASTROTTO, the European leader in the production and processing of leather, which for decades was collaborating with the most important motorcycle manufacturers.

Why not use the technology and know-how accumulated over 50 years of research in the field to develop new leathers treated with processes that ensure outstanding performance designed specifically for the motorcycle world, and use them exclusively?

Since that time we have not stopped, entering in 2004 in the circuits of the World Championships in speed and expanding our collection with technical leaders in waterproof fabric, gloves and other accessories related to the world of the motorcyclist.

Our Mission
MTech has always been known for the exceptional quality of its products. We use only the best leather tanned in Italy and work in the EU. Our mission is to keep intact these quality standards never stop investing in your safety. We also do all that with style.

Dell'MTECH We are the first users of the products that we develop, because we are riders just like you. For this reason, safety is our first value. We work seriously and with passion in the development of products, but we also want to have fun and that's why we strive to be fresh and original in communication.
M-Lab is a laboratory for research and development of M-TECH, melting pot of ideas and construction of new technologies. Designers, engineers, designers and technicians work together to create the creative synergy required for the development of new products. We cooperate with the most important companies in the security industry and technical development of materials, certification bodies and universities.

We see birth and death of hundreds of ideas, we select the best and develop the technology to achieve them. The stylistic division of the M-LAB then deals of "shaping" products, finding the correct application for new technology in our possession.
The leaders are the only products MTECH with leather MASTROTECH™, which combines the skin's natural softness the best and most advanced technology.

Born in Research Centre Mastrotto Group, a leader in the industry for 50 years, is a skin from the extraordinary performance: it is water-repellent, antistatic, stain resistant and maintains the natural characteristics of softness and breathability.
This technology allows the fusion of a layer of polyurethane to the crust leather, all this by means of an exclusively water based. The MASPEL™ not only meets the most stringent health characteristics required by international monitoring bodies, but exceeds, reaching new standards in safety and quality of the product.

Want to black skin? If this is your desire MTECH realizes it. The technology MTECH REFRACTION™ reflects part of the solar rays not visible, reducing the surface temperature of the skin exposed to 10°C and more than the normal black skin.
C_change is a conformable membrane permeability to water vapor, produced by the Swiss giant Schoeller. This membrane, breathable, waterproof and windproof, it offers better features than similar membranes due to the ability of the structure to open and close depending on temperature changes.

C_change reproduces the physical phenomenon that allows the cones to open and close depending on the weather. At higher temperatures (due to aerobic activities or other increases in body temperature), the structure of the membrane opens as a consequence of the increase of the level of humidity, thus allowing the escape of excessive heat. At low temperatures or in case of reduction of the activity (in the case of lower levels of body moisture), the structure of the membrane closes, trapping heat inside the garment.

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